For cheese slices, soft cheeses, fresh or hard cheeses, and numerous other milk/dairy products, Wipak offers flexible and semi-rigid films with high barrier properties as well as single-wrap films. The challenging requirements of manufacturers in this industry are no obstacle for us.


The Wipak Group helps you develop efficient and ecologically sustainable packages – and also successfully launch them. Close, trusting relationships with our customers and industrial partners have produced many innovations.

Wipak films protect cheeses’ and other dairy products’ quality, extend their shelf life, and preserve their freshness and aroma.
Wipak’s broad range of solutions extends from thermoforming, semi-rigid, and flexible films to sustainable paper composites, lidding films, wrapping films, flowpacks, reclosable films, and tear tapes.

Our specialty is packaging solutions customized with skill, in line with your specific requirements and the cheese to be packaged.