Efficient Paper Composite for Sliced Cheese

Premium brand-owners strive to deliver optimal-quality products. The unique character of the package emphasizes the quality of the cheese.

Lower package weight, reclosing, use of less plastic and a higher proportion of renewable resources. The solution: a sustainable Wipak composite made from paper and plastic.

A New Packaging Concept –

Paper in the top and bottom film, with reclosing

  • Product: sliced cheese, 125 grams
  • Lidding / top film: Repak Paper Top, 115 μm
  • Bottom film: Paper Bottom, 350 μm
  • Weight: 519.4 g/m2
  • Minimum shelf life: 90 days

The Benefits*

  • 45% reduction in weight
  • 60% reduction in the plastic used
  • 35% renewable resources

* In comparison to previous package: APET composite, 650 μm