Wipak offers a broad range of solutions, from thermoforming semi-rigid and flexible films to sustainable paper composites, lidding films, wrapping films, flowpacks, reclosable films, and tear tapes.

Thermoforming, Semi-Rigid and Flexible Films

Wipak multilayer films, tailored exactly to the product to be packaged, can be delivered with or without a barrier layer. Our polyester-based films such as Multipet are ideally suited to use as semi-rigid packages with a high gas barrier. They are available as thermoforming rolls. Flexible films utilize a polyamide/polyolefin composite, which can be combined with an external polypropylene layer if required.

Lidding Films and Flowpacks

Wipak lidding films protect the quality and freshness of food products that are packaged in a vacuum or under modified atmosphere (MAP). Anti-fog, EVOH barrier, or reclosing – the kind of film always depends on the case-specific requirement profile. Polypropylene, polyamide, polyester, or paper composites are used, as the special criteria dictate.

Wrapping Films

Our Walothen peelable film has been specially developed for wrapping soft cheese slices. The polypropylene film, peelable on one side, is available in strengths of 18, 20, and 25 μm. This low gauge helps to reduce handling and processing costs.

Reclosable Films

Wipak offers a number of reclosing systems. One example is a booklet-type system with “click lock”: Two package halves are thermoformed with different depths, with one half being pulled over the tray as a “lid”. In Multipet topforming, two polyester trays are pressed into each other and sealed hermetically.

The principle of the Repak bottom system consists of an adhesive layer in the tray film and a sealing layer with migration barrier. The Repak Top solutions work with many kinds of bottom films, and they seal well to PE as well as to mono A-PET and PP.

Prepack: Multilayer Packaging for Freshness

Wipak has developed special PVDC-free films for fresh‑packaged cheese. These include PET composite films, paper combinations, and others. An EVOH barrier allows for gas flushing while offering protection against oxygen.
The multilayer packaging protects the freshness until the last slice is consumed.