S-Peel Films for Trays with Excellent Antifog Properties

S-Peel films manage the tricky balancing act between safe closing and easy opening. Tight and rugged seams protect the fresh meat or poultry against contamination and guard the tray against load and impacts caused by transport or storage. The package can be opened easily – without any need for scissors or knives.

S-Peel is clearly thinner than comparable films on the market. The presentation of the packaged products is ideal, thanks to excellent anti-fog properties. A special structure enables sustainable and efficient use of resources. Based on polyamide, these films can be processed with almost all commonly used machines.

Superclear: Safe Protection for Tough Applications

Bacon packaging is a very complex challenge for films. This is where the ultra-transparent Superclear shines, thanks to high strength, stability, and extremely high shrink-back. After the packaging process, the flexible film is drawn tightly over the bacon like a second skin. This yields clear benefits for the product’s presentation. The quality is made visible, yet the price remains reasonable. And there’s one more benefit: the stiff edges cannot do any harm to the robust composite.

A Composite Solution with Reduced Material

The packaging itself is a selling point: the halving of plastic use is a marketing argument emphasized by the Mexican food producer Qualtia Alimentos. Slices of cooked ham by the Zwan brand have been packaged with a paper and plastic composite since 2014. Wipak uses this sustainable material mix to produce both the lid and the tray. Additional features include reclosing, easy opening, and a laser-cut window.