Added Value from Packages by Means of Augmented Reality

Package inserts and user instructions are sometimes hard to read – and to understand. How about a virtual wizard taking over this task?

All you need is a smartphone or tablet and a package. The camera points to the printed image, scanning the package. After just a few moments, an animated 3D character is displayed: the Wiki Man. The Wiki Man explains features and properties of sterile barrier systems. A package that at first glance looks normal now suddenly comes to life and communicates with the consumer.

The Wiki Man is an example of “augmented reality” in packages. A special app enables videos, 3D models, voice content, graphics, text, or any combination of these to be activated and displayed.

These features can clearly increase the added value of a package. Consumers get important information on the packaged product, the brand, and the company in an entertaining way. This technology can also be used to add video-based user instructions to care-product packages, even offering multiple languages. The sky’s the limit.

Augmented Reality...

  • Is based on object or image recognition
  • Offers many options for point-of-sale marketing
  • Adds value to the package design (via 3D animations and more)
  • Provides additional information about products, the manufacturer, etc.
  • Increases customer loyalty


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