Whether in need of package design, printing-technology consulting, or trend-scouting, Wipak customers all over Europe benefit from the group’s services.

Package development is a complex business for trade and industry, with increasing pressure in terms of time, costs, and competition. The requirements for packages are both high and complex. Complicating things further, the number of materials and product versions is only growing. In short, potential error sources are looming around all corners, while at the same time delays in development cost time and money. Unsurprisingly, demand is rising for extensive creative and technical support.

True Added Value

From consulting on printing technology to the development of print samples, Wipak offers a broad range of services for making sure our customers can operate successfully in their markets.

We are able to help from the early stages of development and can support our customers and their design agencies all the way through to production. For example, we test concepts’ technical feasibility in order to avoid problems that could cause projects to be delayed or even to fail.

The Pack Design Range of Services

  • Consulting in connection with packaging or printing projects
  • Assessment of package designs in terms of
    (printing) technology implementation
  • Conceptualization and creation of packaging ideas
  • Manufacturing of package and print samples
  • Implementation of packaging ideas, using various materials and packaging machines
  • Market surveys and trend-scouting
  • Workshops and training