One-Stop-Shopping – Single-Source Solutions

From design consulting to our own printing plate production and award-winning gravure and flexo-print solutions, the Wipak Group offers a broad range of single-source solutions.


Highly sophisticated designs can be yours through our in‑house gravure and flexo-print systems. Glossy and matte spot painting, metallized and non-metallized films, paper and paper-resembling surfaces, high-precision duplex printing – whatever you need, the entire process is available under one roof with the Wipak Group, from print-image consulting to fully automatic production of printing plates and consistent color management. Our customers can be secure in the knowledge that their orders will be processed quickly, efficiently, and flexibly, with constantly high and reproducible quality.

Digital Proofs on Production Film

What you see is what you get: Thanks to digital proofs, you get a highly accurate first impression of what the print image is going to look like. We print on the actual films that will later be used for production. In addition to predictability, this means that the final print image can be realized much sooner.

Printing Plates

We are well acquainted with the production of printing plates. Wipak manufactures cylinders for gravure printing and printing plates for flexo-print use, directly in our factories. A well-honed fully automatic process – including gravure and printing plate production, along with storage – guarantees flexibility and reproducibility.

Film Printing

Gravure printing? Flexo-print technique? Perhaps a combination of the two? Wipak covers the entire technical range, offering all technology options. We operate state‑of‑the-art facilities to produce premium-quality print images efficiently. Thanks to reduced tooling times, even small batches can be produced efficiently.

Wipak’s Specialty: Combining Gravure and Flexographic Printing

We give you the best of both worlds – the efficiency of flexographic printing with the brilliance of gravure printing. Product samples or special sizes can be flexibly implemented because the images in the same print-image family are designed to ensure that they can be produced via either gravure or flexographic techniques.