Ideas are only as good as their implementation. At the Wipak Solution Center, packaging professionals work closely with our customers to develop individualized concepts to ensure the smooth integration of packaging with production.

In addition, our WAY e-learning portal is a convenient way to learn more about Wipak products and various packaging‑related topics.


Training Camp for Packaging Professionals

Tests one step from the real world: The experts at the Wipak Solution Center subject packages to close scrutiny, simulate all real-world conditions of film processing, and can quickly analyze sources of error that typically arise in the packaging process.

From thermoforming machines to flowpack machines and tray sealers, the Solution Center is equipped with many commonly used packaging machines and tools for trial application.

We are able to simulate the ideal packaging process and nearly every packaging option early in the development phase. Because we consider all factors and production conditions, we can develop the right solution for your specific requirements. Our customers can thus be assured that the films are a perfect match to their packaging systems.

Consulting & Coaching

We offer exclusive seminars and training to share our practical knowledge of the development, manufacture, and refining of premium-quality packaging films and products.

Background knowledge for you to work with!

  • Basic seminar titled “Food Packaging”
  • Special seminar “Quality Assurance”
  • Seminars on other topics by request

How does film production really work? What features are specific to multilayer films? Wipak’s seminars cover the complete value chain of packaging processes, from the technology used and film production to environmental protection and package design. We also arrange in-house training sessions at customer facilities, in line with a jointly developed training program.

Practical – Easy-to-Understand – Informative

Our instructors are experienced specialists in various fields, such as production, development, technical support, printing, and package design.

The WAY e-Learning Portal

Our online service, available to our customers 24/7, offers a convenient way to learn more about Wipak, the products, and a broad range of packaging subjects. We are constantly extending the range of courses and topics covered by WAY.