Basic Seminar on Food Packaging

The basic seminar entitled “Food Packaging” provides practical knowledge covering the development, manufacture, and refining of premium-quality packaging films and products.

How does film production really work? How can packaging processes be designed efficiently? What features are specific to multilayer films? Why is the package so important for point-of-sale marketing?

From system engineering and film production to environmental protection and emissions through to development of new packaging concepts and design trends, Wipak seminars cover the complete packaging-process value chain.


  • Training exclusively for Wipak customers
  • Effective learning in small groups (max. 15 people)
  • Seminar topics chosen to match the participants
  • Courses led by experienced specialists
  • A highly practical orientation


Additional seminar dates can be arranged on request. We will also develop exclusive, individualized in-house seminars and workshops in accordance with your priorities and the subjects that interest you.