Sustainable Services Adding Value

Close collaboration with our customers and industry partners yields highly sustainable packaging solutions. To achieve this, Wipak’s specialists in development, pack design, printing, lab operations, and technical support are networked perfectly.

Pack Design

An efficient package design can dramatically reduce the amount of waste, use of materials, and energy consumptionalong the entire value chain. From printing-technology consulting to development of sample packages or the production of print samples, our Pack Design experts help the customer to find and develop ecologically sustainable, economically sensible packages and also to launch them successfully.


Laboratory Services

Wipak operates a state-of-the-art -analysis lab. To make sure we can provide our customers with premium-quality films and products that comply with all applicable food and medical device guidelines, we conduct a multitude of special tests, such as diffusion and thickness measurements, UV spectroscopy, measurements of permeability (by oxygen and water vapor), microbiological tests, sensory checks, and mechanical testing.

Quality Management

Around-the-clock production inspections, measurements made at the machines, integrated inspection systems, rapid lab analyses – these come together to ensure consistent film quality and optimal productivity of packaging machines while minimizing production waste.

Regulatory Affairs

Food laws and legal requirements affecting healthcare create challenges for both manufacturers and packaging suppliers. For full compliance with international standards, we help our customers select suitable packaging films and products. They can then demonstrate that the Wipak packages do not affect their specific application, do not influence the packaged product, and ensure the shelf life necessary for the product.

Technical Support

Our technical support covers process engineering, packaging trials, and film processing with the customer’s systems. In addition to on-site application support, Wipak’s technical services provide creative ideas for film and product development.

Analyzing Processes and Optimizing Processing! In addition, our technical support involves analysis of packaging processes at the customer site and simulation of the processing of our films at the Wipak Solution Center. Our process-oriented approach and cooperation with leading machine manufacturers enable us to optimize processing conditions systematically and to adjust the machines and materials perfectly. Thus, we can quickly and effectively find solutions, keeping downtime to a minimum.


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