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Manufacturing Unit - Wipak Packaging (Changshu) Co. Ltd.

Wipak Packaging (Changshu) Co. Ltd.

No. 88 Fuchunjiang Road, Changshu New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone



Established in 2014, Wipak Packaging (Changshu) Co. Ltd produces high-quality packaging materials for medical and food markets.
This new state-of-the-art production facility operates in a Class 8 cleanroom environment. The Changshu site contributes strongly to Wipak Asia’s operations, distributing products and serving our customers and partners in the Asia Pacific region, where high-performance packages are a strongly growing trend. Our wide range of packaging products puts Wipak’s European-origin film structures at the disposal of the region’s medical device and food industries.

Wipak’s globally recognized Steriking® pouches and rolls for sterilization in hospitals, laundry facilities, and dental offices play an important role in our manufacturing program.

Sales Office - Wipak (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd.

Wipak (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd.

Room 2E, 2016 Yishan Road



Jaff (Zhi Gang) Sun, Sales Office Manager

Any questions relating to our medical packaging solutions, contact mdi@wipak.com

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