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Manufacturing Unit - Wipak Oy, Nastola Plant

Wipak Oy, Nastola Plant

Wipaktie 2 | P.O. Box 45



Wihuri began its packaging operations in 1967 by acquiring a Finnish plastics producer that was founded back in 1950. The Nastola plant began operation shortly after this. It has benefited from steady investments programs aimed at maintaining our competitive edge in rapidly growing packaging niche markets worldwide. We recently announced a multimillion investment in a new production line for high-performance packaging solutions that give customers a strong combination of visual, protective, and environmental benefits.

We focus on high-quality films and products for both food and medical applications. Wipak Oy is the home of Steriking®-branded sterilization pouches, produced in a Class 8 cleanroom facility and distributed all over the world. Our Steriking® products are known for their safety and reliable performance.

Manufacturing Unit - Wipak Oy, Valkeakoski Plant

Wipak Oy, Valkeakoski Plant

Kaivolankatu 5 | P.O. Box 175



The Valkeakoski plant had its beginnings in 1987 as Nordpak Oy, which was taken over by Klöckner Pentaplast in 2007, very shortly before the Wipak Group acquired the latter’s flexible-film operations in Finland and Germany. The production site specializes in blown film coextrusion, producing multilayer films for packaging of food and medical products. Our special areas of competence include colored multilayer films and the NICE range of semi-rigid flexible films.

Manufacturing Unit - Biaxis Oy Ltd.

Biaxis Oy Ltd.

Teknikonkatu 2



Biaxis Ltd. was established in 1995 as a joint venture with Japan’s Sojitz Corporation (formerly Nichimen Corporation) and contributes to the Wipak group of companies through the production of BOPA (biaxially oriented polyamide) films, using one of the most sophisticated coextrusion techniques in the world.

Our high-performance films satisfy the needs of the most demanding packaging applications, thanks to their excellent barrier, mechanical strength, chemical-resistance, dimensional stability, optical characteristics, and many other properties.

Any questions relating to our medical packaging solutions, contact mdi@wipak.com

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