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Manufacturing Unit - Gryspeert S.A.S.

Wipak Gryspeert S.A.S.

CS 20006, Zone des Bois

Bousbecque Cédex


Wipak Gryspeert S.A.S. was formed in 1985 by the merger of Ets. Rene Gryspeert S.A. with Wipak sales-company operations. The production site has been strongly diversified ever since and now specializes in low-gauge, medium- and high-barrier multilayer films with excellent machinability, protective qualities, and visual properties for fresh food packaging. It also supplies semi-rigid sheets. Our modern rotogravure and flexographic printing technologies and facilities guarantee high printing quality for Wipak films.

When you wish to visit us, input the following address or the provided GPS coordinates in your navigation system:

Drève des Bois, 59166 Bousbecque, France

Latitude:  50.76527  Longitude: 3.08857

Any questions relating to our medical packaging solutions, contact mdi@wipak.com

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