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  • Wipak|WINFRESH®Shrinkable
  • Wipak|WINFRESH®High Barrier
  • Wipak|WINFRESH®High Mechanical Strength

WINfresh® vacuum skin packaging is a transformational solution for packaging food products – enveloping even the sharpest of products like a second skin without altering the product’s shape. Vacuum skin packaging optimises production, reduces retail shrink, and presents products at their absolute best.

Wipak’s WINfresh® Skin Films are an addition to a wide portfolio of solutions for the packaging of chilled food products. Ideal for meat, poultry, seafood and cheese, they are sustainable, cost-effective and ensure optimum product freshness.

WINfresh® allows 360° product presentation:

  • Outstanding gloss and transparency
  • Invisible, like a second skin
  • Packed product maintains its natural form and appearance
  • Invisible, like a second skin
  • Packed product maintains its natural form and appearance
  • Products can stand out from the tray
  • Freshness, colour and texture of the product can be displayed in a natural way
  • Products can be displayed horizontally and vertically (Euro Hole)

Typical Applications

Vacuum and modified atmosphere (MAP) packaging for a wide variety of products, for example:

  • Meat and bacon
  • Fish and seafood
  • Sausages
  • Meat with bones, chicken legs
  • Sliced processed meat
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