Flexible Thermoformable Films

Thinner, more efficient, and more sustainable – welcome to the world of flexible, thermoformable films.

Wipak’s versatile range of flexible and thermoformable films offer the potential for environmentally friendly and economically efficient packaging solutions. Films can be formed into 3D shapes by applying heat and pressure. These solutions have excellent mechanical properties, including deepdraw, flex crack and puncture resistance, for vacuum and MAP applications.

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Our wide range of lidding films complete the packaging solutions and offer the perfect fit. No matter what kind of sealing performance is needed - peel, reclose, tight seal or even low sealing temperature – these films are available to offer convenience to consumers. With enforced strength, ultra-thin, extra high barrier, recyclable or renewable material-based options, the product families in the lidding film category can be tailored to different needs and applications. Using a range of printing technologies (roto gravure, flexo or inkjet digital), lidding films can be designed to appeal and stand out at the Point-of-Sale.
If you’re looking for lidding film, the possibilities can be explored here.
Wipak | Flexible Thermoformable Films
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Sustainable Solutions are at the core of Wipak's business, supporting our vision and company values. We take responsibility for protecting the environment in everyday life - in the actions taken throughout company and individually. In line with this, we offer sustainable packaging solutions such as ultra-thin films with reduced plastic content, recyclable solutions, and the use of renewable raw material or recycled materials.
Interested? Check out our range of Sustainable Solutions!
Wipak | Flexible Thermoformable Films
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