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GreenChoice by Wipak is our promise to you. It stands for evolution and swift transformation. In recent years, the flexible packaging industry has faced rapid changes in regulations and shifts in societal attitudes towards the environment. As expectations change, so must we.

We believe that companies must take responsibility for their actions and contribute towards a more sustainable future. With GreenChoice by Wipak, we are giving rise to this change. Uniting our values and our pledge to provide a sustainable future for packaging, it exists to make the decision between sustainable solutions easier than ever.
In 2019, Wipak committed to becoming the first climate neutral flexible packaging company by 2025. This ambitious goal drives us to a better and more sustainable future, starting with the complete carbon neutrality of our production sites. GreenChoice by Wipak is the next step: contributing to a cleaner environment through the product side of our business.

We are more than happy to shoulder our share of the responsibility for creating a circular future for packaging. That’s why every step we have taken has been deliberate and has led to the development of our impressive GreenChoice portfolio, complete with three main categories:
These three categories are the heart and soul of GreenChoice by Wipak. Each as significant as the other, they showcase tomorrow's recyclable solutions, as well as the possibilities that using renewable raw materials and recyclates hold.

However, for us sustainability also reaches beyond these categories. While striving for innovation, we have set ourselves additional goals that form the basis of our daily developments:
Wipak | GreenChoice Wipak | GreenChoice
Wipak | GreenChoice
While the ongoing reduction of material usage and thickness is our highest priority at Wipak, we continue to guarantee consistently high product protection, durability, and barrier properties on par with conventional product solutions. By reducing material, less packaging content is brought into circulation and enables our partners to make savings in areas such as transport costs.
“As much as necessary, as little as possible. This is our primary goal as we create new packaging solutions.”
Katharina Machner Product & Packaging Designer
Wipak | GreenChoice
Wipak | GreenChoice
Striving for the continuous reduction of CO2 emissions is part of our daily activities - seen in both the development of new packaging solutions and within the design of our operational workflows. Thanks to the implementation of tools like WContribute, we calculate and compare the carbon footprint of various product solutions to help customers make informed decisions.
“It is everyone’s responsibility to reduce their carbon footprint in both their personal lives and businesses - even the smallest steps are significant. We must change our mindsets if we are to ensure a secure, climate neutral future.”
Susan Janssen Sustainable Solutions Manager
Wipak | GreenChoice
Wipak | GreenChoice
In line with our goal to reduce our company's carbon footprint to zero by 2025, we strive to make the best decisions for a climate neutral future every single day. Improving the energy supply of our locations, choosing the correct transport vehicles, and creating climate neutral product ranges, such as our PAPER TOP® PD, bring us closer to this goal.
“Recent world events have shown us how important CO2 reduction and climate neutrality are for a future worth living in. That’s why I’m making my contribution.”
Dr. Dorit Nelke-Bruhn Manager Sustainability Processes
Wipak | GreenChoice
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