Semi-Rigid Thermoformable Films

Semi-rigid, thermoformable films can be used for a broad range of applications like sliced meat, cheese, fish, or fresh pasta. Features can include integrated reclose functions, easy opening, high barrier and mechanical properties, printed or paper surface; with a thickness range of 200 – 750 µm, there are endless possibilities.

Our wide range of lidding films complete the packaging solutions and offer the perfect fit.

No matter what kind of sealing performance is needed - peel, reclose, tight seal or even low sealing temperature – these films are available to offer convenience to consumers. With enforced strength, ultra-thin, extra high barrier, recyclable or renewable material-based options, the product families in the lidding film category can be tailored to different needs and applications. Using a range of printing technologies (roto gravure, flexo or inkjet digital), lidding films can be designed to appeal and stand out at the Point-of-Sale.

Sustainable Solutions are at the core of Wipak's business, supporting our vision and company values. We take responsibility for protecting the environment in everyday life - in the actions taken throughout company and individually. In line with this, we offer sustainable packaging solutions such as ultra-thin films with reduced plastic content, recyclable solutions, and the use of renewable raw material or recycled materials.

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