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COMBITHERM® is the most versatile product family of coextruded films containing polyamide (PA). With a thickness range of 50 to 320 µm these films are also applicable for some lidding or flow pack applications.

Films from the COMBITHERM® product range are available transparent, translucent or in colours such as white, yellow, blue or black.

The sealing layers are tailor-made to meet requests for secure sealing, high barrier, and high temperature applications. They provide optimum shelf life, as they are suitable for pasteurisation or sterilisation processes. This product range is also perfect for applications that demand high mechanical properties and good puncture resistance.

Our recommended solutions for varying temperature applications are:

  • CO KK – for cooking applications (100°C/1h)
  • CO FLEX PP – suitable for sterilisation (121°C/1h)
  • CO TC CI– with improved hot tack and seal strength, suitable for pasteurisation (85°C/10h)

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Vacuum and modified atmosphere (MAP) packaging for a wide variety of products, for example:

  • Sausages
  • Ham
  • Block cheese
  • Potatoes
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