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Our packaging solutions comprise a multitude of films with different features encompassing structure, thickness, barrier properties, mechanical strength and sealing performance. Whether you seek thermoformable solutions, lidding or flow pack films, pouch solutions, or sustainable concepts, our portfolio is comprehensive and fit for all kinds of food applications.
Flexible Thermoformable Films are films that can be thermoformed into a 3D shape to form a container that perfectly protects the goods inside of it. This solution is durable, but efficient in material consumption.
Thermoformable, Semi-Rigid Films offer a broad range of special features and customisable designs. Tightly sealed or reclosable, with or without barriers, coloured, with paper, or metallised – the possibilities are endless.
Lidding Films applied on thermoformed bottom films or trays play an important role in securely packaging valuable products. Flexible and thin, they incorporate an array of features and are usually printed to attract consumer attention, conveying the brand and product value.
Flow Pack Films wrap products and are resource efficient and flexible. Options range from single or small portions to bigger sizes, printed or unprinted, and a wide range of barrier and mechanical properties.
Reclosable Solutions – the convenient systems consumers are looking for. Reclose functions can vary from integrated adhesives to mechanical solutions.
Paper Based Solutions, reducing the use of plastics with paper sourced from responsibly managed forests. Exterior paper layers give a natural, appealing touch and feel to the packaging.
Pouch Solutions are trending as resource efficient packaging, even for applications requiring a long shelf life. We offer different formats ranging from stand-up pouches to stabilo bags for heavier products.
Sustainable Solutions - not just one solution that fits all, but a range of solutions fit for different needs, strategies, and markets.

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