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The integration of recycled raw materials in our packaging brings us one step closer to a closed loop system for plastic. Although there are still many restrictions and hurdles to overcome for flexible packaging in food and healthcare applications, we integrate recycled material wherever technically possible and requested by our customers. Exchanging virgin raw materials for recycled alternatives decreases the consumption of fossil fuels used to produce plastics and reduces our product-related carbon emissions.
A circular economy for flexible packaging requires all recycling technologies. Today, mechanical recycling is the primary process utilised. Chemical recycling solutions are complementary but will be necessary to recycle the complete range of flexible packaging of the future.

The integration of post-consumer recycled materials (PCR) for food contact applications is established and approved for mechanically recycled PET. To increase the amount of recycled content and to comply with raising legislative requirements, we co-operate with our stakeholders to integrate chemically recycled materials according to ISCC Plus certification schemes. Although quantities are still limited, the future will enable the incorporation of chemically recycled PE, PP and PA at scale.
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By exchanging virgin raw materials for recycled alternatives, we are decreasing our carbon emissions and consumption of fossil fuels to produce plastics.
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