Wipak|Green Choice – Recycled
A circular economy for flexible packaging calls for all recycling technologies to be utilised.

Today, mechanical recycling is the primary process used, and solutions from mechanically recycled post-consumer polyester (R-PET) have been a part of our portfolio for years.

Materials from chemical or advanced recycling can complement more established recycling technologies and allow more flexible packaging to be recycled. This would enable the integration of recycled materials in food applications, under ISCC Plus certification schemes. Although quantities are still limited, the future will see the incorporation of chemically recycled PE, PP and PA at scale.

For the time being, by exchanging virgin raw materials for recycled alternatives, we are decreasing our carbon emissions and consumption of fossil fuels to produce plastics.
Wipak|Green Choice – Recycled
The circular economy: one of the cornerstones of many debates held locally, nationally and globally on the future of plastics. Making the change from a linear, ‘take, make, dispose’ economy, to a circular approach via recycling is one of the greatest challenges we face in taking responsibility for the future.
Wipak|Green Choice – Recycled
New developments and improvements in collection and sorting infrastructure will increase the mass flows of materials, allowing new opportunities for the recycling of flexible packaging. However, today’s mechanical recycling technology does not allow for more complex material to be recycled, limiting the reuse of recycled materials in applications like food packaging.
Chemical or advanced recycling can complement existing recycling technologies. Fortunately, alternative technologies are under development in the field of chemical recycling, some of which will reach greater production scales in the near future. For now, the recognition and acceptance of advanced recycling will allow more flexible packaging to be recycled, and for us to reuse these recycled materials in the same applications.

In cooperation with suppliers and with an ISCC Plus certification scheme in place, we are implementing new solutions in close partnership with our customers.
Wipak|Green Choice – Recycled


Wipak|Green Choice – Recycled

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GreenChoice by Wipak contains our entire product portfolio of sustainable packaging solutions. Here you will find one of our most important products highlighted.

Packaging solutions with 30% to 80% recycled PET content






  • 95% PET-based mono-material solution
  • Mono-APET bottom, recycled PET can be used for a share of the material (30% minimum and up to 80% possible)
  • PET trays are collected and sorted for recycling in some EU countries*
  • Unique appeal in terms of transparency and reclosability
  • 20–40% CO2 footprint reduction (by use of at least 30% R-PET in the bottom)
  • High barrier solutions available
Carbon emissions

Complementing our portfolio of PET-based lidding films, BIAXER ECO solutions include peelable and tight seal solutions.

*Regional differences in collection and recycling infrastructures to be considered

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Wipak|Green Choice – Recycled

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