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We integrate renewable (bio-circular) feedstock from various sources, such as crude tall oil or used cooking oils, using an ISCC Plus mass balance approach. By utilizing these materials, we become less dependent on fossil resources and can reduce the amount of additional carbon released into the atmosphere.

The ISCC PLUS bio-circular materials have the same high quality as raw materials derived from fossil resources and meet all required product specifications and functionalities. They are also suitable for use in food packaging applications.

The ISCC PLUS certification ensures the traceability of raw materials along the entire value chain in the food and chemical sectors.
Wipak | Renewable Feedstock
Since 2021, the Wipak Group has received the ISCC PLUS certification for several of its facilities, including Wipak Nastola in Finland, Wipak Walsrode in Germany, Wipak UK, and Wipak Gryspeert in France. Wipak Valkeakoski followed in January 2022.
Wipak | Renewable Feedstock
Recently, one of our customers, Atria Finland Ltd., introduced their latest vacuum minced meat packaging that accounts for 60% renewable feedstock from bio-circular material, following the ISCC Plus mass balance approach. We support our customers on their journey to reduce carbon emissions and reach their strategic sustainability targets.
Wipak | Renewable Feedstock Wipak | Renewable Feedstock

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