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As a leading global manufacturer of premium-quality flexible packaging solutions, we offer one of the industry’s widest ranges of pre-made bags and pouches in a variety of shapes and sizes, with an assortment of features including rapid sealing, high oxygen barriers, sustainable material combinations, heat resistance, and printability. With Wipak developing and manufacturing individual, efficient pouch solutions, you will benefit from over 40 years of experience and expertise.

Wipak | Pouch Solutions

Barrier Versatile barrier solutions for oxygen, water vapour, aromas, light and migration. Precisely matched to the product and its shelf life requirements – product protection is always top priority.

Closures Different designs of spouts and caps available.

Functionality Easy open, reclosability, convenience and aesthetic options can be incorporated effectively and efficiently.

Sealing Layers Broad renge of functional and stable sealing layers ideally adjusted to each individual application. The benefits: product protection and perfect machinability for high-speed processing.

Temperature Resistant Multilayer Films Large portfolio for deep-freeze and refrigerated counter applications, hot filling, microwave, as well as pasteurisation and sterilisation. Temperature range: -50° to +130° Celsius. The benefits: product protection and stability.

Excellent Printing & Special Effects Premium quality print design and film printing using flexographic, roto-gravure printing methods or inkjet digital, specialist surface effect such as gloss.

Recyclable Solutions PP- or PE- base pouches, completed with spout and cap.

Reduced Thickness & Efficient Use of Material Reduced film thickness by means of intelligent and efficient material combinations and selected raw materials -while maintaining functionality and stability at a consistently high level.

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Sustainable Solutions are at the core of Wipak's business, supporting our vision and company values. We take responsibility for protecting the environment in everyday life - in the actions taken throughout company and individually. In line with this, we offer sustainable packaging solutions such as ultra-thin films with reduced plastic content, recyclable solutions, and the use of renewable raw material or recycled materials.
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Wipak | Pouch Solutions
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With a long tradition of producing high quality flexible packaging solutions, our portfolio on Thermoformable, Lidding and Flow Pack Films are all encompassing.
Find out more about our Films and Solutions here!
Wipak | Pouch Solutions
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