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  • Wipak | GUSSET BAGSHigh Mechanical Strength
  • Wipak | GUSSET BAGSProduct Protection
  • Wipak | GUSSET BAGSSecure Sealing

A pre-made bag with two side gussets, sealed at the bottom, with a single seal which can be at the back of the bag (centrally) or incorporated into a side seal. Gusset bags are perfect for applications such as coffee beans and dry powders. They are consumer-friendly and available in a variety of formats, large or small.

Key Facts:

  • Duplex, triplex and quadruplex laminates including PP, PE, PET, OPA, Alu
  • Windows
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Paper and paper-feel solutions

Typical Applications

  • Food ingredients
  • Chemicals
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Industrial products up to 25 kg
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