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These days, consumers expect convenient and functional packaging. Reclose systems are known for being effective, safe, and reliable. Combining easy opening and reclose features in one packaging solution meets consumer needs and keeps products fresh and tasty until end of shelf life.

Reclose systems offer solutions for different packaging applications.

1) REPAK® films, either lidding (REPAK® TOP) or bottom (REPAK® BTM) solution, are firmly closed together in the sealing area. While opening, an integrated adhesive layer is exposed, enabling secure reclosing multiple times.


  • Reduced material consumption
  • Robust and durable
  • Practical and economical
  • Lid and tray form one unit
  • Neutral in terms of taste and odour
  • Easy to open
  • Can be processed using existing machines

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2) Top Forming with MULTIPET TPF

Two polyester trays with different depths are pressed into the other and sealed hermetically. The slightly shallower lid fits perfectly into the deeper tray, offering a tight fit. MULTIPET TPF is hermetically closed using a peelable sealing so that it can be reused several times.


  • Large volume yet reduced material consumption
  • Easy to open thanks to protruding corner
  • Self-wedging lid
  • Ideal for stacking
  • Proven system

Wipak | Reclose Solutions


3) Envelope packages – for this packaging format, a peelable, asymmetric film is manufactured such that a flap is created on one side of the package. This slightly wider top area is folded over and attached on the back of the package using a self-adhesive label or tape. The system is particularly well suited to pieces of cheese, as well as larger meat and sausage products.


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Saves space and material
  • Ideal for packaging large pieces
  • Gas-tight (despite peel layer)
  • High packing rates

Solutions from our Flow Pack Films range are designed for manufacturing envelope packages. Need advice on finding the perfect film to fit the needs of your product? Get in touch with us via the contact form or click contact us.

Wipak | Reclose Solutions


4) Zip closing Flow Pack Films can be quickly and safely opened and reclosed several times using a zipper. The “zipper” is integrated in the web during the packaging process, then cut off and sealed onto the film. The carrier film is perforated using a laser for controlled opening. The film properties, such as barrier effect, remain fully intact.


  • Eye-catching due to innovative zipper optic
  • Well suited for larger pieces (e.g. cheese blocks)
  • Packaging under vacuum possible
  • Perforation using laser

Wipak | Reclose Solutions

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Liquids or pasty products are best packed in Spouted Pouches for easy dispensing and reclosing.
Convenient and secure, pre-made or as system solution - to find out more, get in touch via the contact form, or contact experts at our pouch excellence centre in Italy via contact us on the main menu.
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Sustainable Solutions are at the core of Wipak's business, supporting our vision and company values. We take responsibility for protecting the environment in everyday life - in the actions taken throughout company and individually. In line with this, we offer sustainable packaging solutions such as ultra-thin films with reduced plastic content, recyclable solutions, and the use of renewable raw material or recycled materials.
Interested? Check out our range of Sustainable Solutions!
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