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To contribute to a greener future, consumers must make sustainable choices. But it is our responsibility to help make that choice as easy as possible. The packaging they are offered must be sorted and recycled properly if it is to stay within the value chain as part of a circular economy.

We design our packaging in alignment with recognized 'Design for Recycling' guidelines, such as the CEFLEX D4ACE Guidelines, and comply with upcoming legislation. This enables our packaging to be recycled effectively, while also improving the sortability of different types of packaging solutions.

We know that recycling is a shared challenge for consumers, producers, and ourselves. With varying legislation and infrastructure between countries only adding to the complexity, we are nevertheless committed to transforming our packaging portfolio to align with the EU target of having all plastic packaging recyclable, reusable, or compostable by 2030.
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1. Every recycling process begins with the correct separation and disposal of each packaging component. We are committed to making this as easy as possible for consumers with transparent communication.
2. The disposed packaging components are then collected by local waste management companies and transported to the appropriate sorting facilities.
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3. In sorting facilities, individual materials are allocated to various recycling streams. Whether materials are considered recyclable can differ based on region.
4. Currently, the use of recyclates from post-consumer packaging waste (PCR) in food packaging is limited to recycled PET. We are continually developing strategies with our partners to increase the share of recycled materials in food packaging and realise a complete circular economy.
Many of our solutions are already certified recyclable. To understand more about certifications and regional differences, our experts are at your disposal and will support you in making the greenest choice for your specific region.
What does recyclable mean?
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How can we contribute to better sorting?
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The answer to this lies in what we see as the most promising technology in the waste sorting industry: Digimarc®.

In this process, digital watermarks are integrated into the printed image of the packaging, leading to a revolution along the entire value chain. This revolution begins with the optimisation of internal logistical processes and extends through interaction possibilities at the POS, right through to recycling.
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Within the framework of the Digital Watermarks Initiative HolyGrail 2.0, this technology is tested for the sorting function of various recycling plants on a large scale.

Digimarc® enables the sorting of packaging components into the individual recycling streams and will make an immense contribution to the responsible handling of packaging waste in the future.
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“With Digimarc® , the sky is the limit!”
Florian Constabel Head of N.E.X.T. & Digimarc® at Wipak
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