Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Through our in-house expertise and the development of strategic partnerships with external solution providers, our clients benefit from the comprehensive range of value adding services that we offer. From design consultation, application support and training, to practical lab analyses, our modular services provide an all-encompassing service for Wipak customers. We…

  • Calculate and help reduce your Carbon Footprint
  • support your development activities
  • assist with the technical implementation of packaging ideas
  • support you with material selection
  • provide a print and image consultation service
  • develop and tests sample packages
  • optimize packaging processes



The Digimarc® Barcode is an invisible barcode that can be embedded into the printed design of the packet enabling users within the value chain to quickly scan large portions of the package and access product information via a smartphone or tablet.

WIPAK_mg_7963_0-300x200By integrating Digimarc® Barcodes into printed films, Wipak is able to decrease wastage throughout the supply chain, preventing costly errors such as using the wrong film or the incorrect labelling of pallets.

Within the store, Digimarc® can be used to help maintain accurate inventory levels and information relating to product expiration dates, enabling retailers to promote and relabel products to minimize food waste.

Using smart handheld devices consumers are able to interact with the brand gaining more information about the product composition, ingredients used, and nutritional information and recommended serving suggestions, etc. Information relating to the responsible disposal/recycling of the product can be added helping to ensure that recyclable materials are retained within the circular economy.

Sorting different materials into its appropriate waste stream is both time-consuming and costly if implemented at processing plants, recyclers could digitally read the information to increase their efficiencies and retain more materials within the circular economy.

To integrate Digimarc® Barcode into your packs, Wipak generates the required codes and embeds them into the packaging as part of the print process. Digimarc® Barcodes can be printed using either gravure, flexo or Wipak’s award-winning ProDirect® digital inkjet technology.


Ermetika_25_FillingSpouted pouches offer a lightweight and resource efficient alternative way of packing many liquid and semi liquid products.

To provide customers with an all-encompassing solution for spouted pouches Wipak has partnered with Italian-based automated machine manufacturer IMA to launch WIIMA®, Wipak’s turnkey spouted pouch solution. By partnering with IMA, Wipak customers benefit from the expertise of two leading companies within the stand-up pouch sector, helping to ensure they receive great looking pouches that are designed with convenience and sustainability at their heart.

As the packaging machines, their installation, service and repair are included within the solution for the duration of the contractual period customers no longer need to invest in new machines and can be reassured that all components and films are matched for optimal performance.

The WIIMA® solution

  • Installation, maintenance, repair and on-site technical services.
  • Consulting/application technology
  • Customized packaging concepts (Including Packaging design, 3D rendering, Prototyping)
  • Film development and production
  • Real-life machine tests and the production of sample batches
  • Wipak’s state of the art printing services (gravure, flexo, and ink-jet digital print)

Pre-Press and Printing

Wipak offers a complete service for pre-press and print solutions. From our comprehensive design consultation service, right through to our own printing plate production, and in-house gravure and flexo-print systems.

Whether you are looking for glossy or matte spot painting, metallized or non-metallized films, paper or paper-like surfaces, or high-precision duplex printing, we have the knowledge and the experience to deliver strikingly sophisticated designs that meet your exact requirements.


Digital Proofs on Production Film

By placing an emphasis on providing digital proofs quickly and efficiently, we provide our clients with a highly accurate first impression of how your packaging will appear. By using the same film(s) that will later be used in production we’re able to identify and eliminate any issues as soon as possible.

Printing Plates


By manufacturing and storing cylinders for gravure printing and printing plates for flexo-print use we are able to decrease lead-times to a minimum and respond quickly to urgent requests and design modifications.

Film Printing

Whether you require gravure printing, flexo-print or a combination of the two, we cover the entire technical range, producing premium-quality and award-winning print images at our state of the art facilities across Europe and Asia. And, thanks to Wipak’s award-winning ProDirect® digital inkjet technology even small batches can be produced quickly and efficiently.

Wipak‘s ProDirect technology directly helps to reduce carbon emissions related to production and to the product.

  • Protection of resources due to reduced material consumption
  • Solvent-free composites
  • Water-based inks
  • Reduced stock-keeping
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduction of carbon emissions
  • Use of renewable raw materials (FSC® certified paper qualities*)

Based on data provided by Wipak‘s product carbon foot-print calculator, Wipak ProDirect customers are able to offset unavoidable emissions at order level – thus getting a climate-neutral package. Certified climate protection pro-jects are made available for selection in cooperation with ClimatePartner. A label displaying an ID number is printed on the packaging material to ensure utmost transparency. Carbon offsets are reproducible by means of QR codes or online via

* License Code FSC® C130525


Technical Field Service

Wipak’s field service engineers and technicians ensure our customers are supported throughout the deployment and production of new products. Offering packaging trials and a comprehensive processing consultation service, Wipak engineers help clients to increase the operational efficiency of their production facilities.

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Wipak’s Technical Services Include:

  • Application support
  • Analysis and optimization of packaging processes
  • Simulation of packaging processes at the Wipak Packaging Test Center
  • Technical support for the introduction of new or modified films
  • Analysis and rectification of any problems
  • Adaptation of machine tools (if required)

Using a process-based approach and solid working relationships with a wide range of machine manufacturers, we can systematically improve processing conditions and identify the perfect match between processing systems and films.

We Aim to Deliver…

  • A lower carbon footprint of your production lines
  • Higher performance and utilization of machines
  • Smooth processing with your systems
  • Higher efficiency rates
  • Lower reject rates
  • Short downtimes, thanks to quick and flexible on-site servicing

Laboratory Services

At Wipak we pride ourselves in delivering high quality solutions that add real value to our customers. Through the emphasis we place on Innovation and sustainability we’re continuously analysing our products and optimizing our solutions to ensure we maintain and enhance the quality of our products.

Our experienced and knowledgeable laboratory professionals can deliver a range of added-value services for Wipak customers, from testing puncture-resistance and seal strength, to assessing the layer structure of films.


Wipak | Value-Added Services

Wipak’s Laboratory Services Include:

  • Mechanical tests
  • Microbiological tests
  • Material analysis
  • Migration measurements
  • Permeation measurements
  • IR spectroscopy
  • Sensor-based measurements
  • Amine determination
  • Determination of solvent residues and layer thickness
  • Material and raw-material tests
  • Sample rolls for packaging trials
  • Validation of the final pack’s sealing process
  • Extrusion of small quantities (for cast and blow films)

Food Contact and Medical Compliance

With manufacturing sites located throughout Europe and in Asia, Wipak is accustomed to the stringent laws of the food industry and the legal specifications of the healthcare sector. Our customers choose Wipak because of the support we are able to provide, supplying films and packaging solutions that comply with international standards.

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