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Convenience is king in the world of biscuits and snacks with today’s consumer demanding convenient snacking solutions on the go. Wipak’s range of flexible packaging solutions is ideally suited to protecting pre-portioned cakes and biscuits ensuring they’re ready to be consumed anytime anyplace.



Wipak ProDirect® is a unique digital printing concept in today’s market. By combining a fully automated pre-press and solvent-free paper composites, it allows CO2-equivalent emissions from production and packaging to be reduced.

This concept fits perfectly with Polish confectioner Kubara, whose offering includes biscuits made from healthier ingredients, including Bran, Crunchy spelt and Puffed Amaranth.

As Wipak only processes FSC®-certified paper for food packaging all our paper fibres come from responsible managed forests. It consists of 100% virgin fibres and is thus free from mineral oils.

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