Fish and Seafood

Increased awareness regarding the health benefits an Omega 3 rich diet is helping to increase the popularity of fish and seafood beyond its traditional markets of Southern and Western Europe, and is helping brand owners and retailers to reposition many fish and seafood products as a premium product.

Wipak’s range of printed, high barrier packaging solutions provides a lightweight and convenient solution for the packaging of fish, seafood and the growing ‘seacuterie’ sector.

WINFRESH® success in Norway

Established in 2006, Isfjord Norway AS offers high quality fresh, smoked and frozen fish products. From September 2018 Isfjord AS been using Winfresh, Wipak’s Vacuum skin packaging and SKINBOTTOM® solution to aesthetically present its range of sliced and filleted smoked salmon products. The range of products are packaged using WINFRESH® 100 and 350 WHITE XX PEEL and are available in over 800 retail stores throughout Norway.


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