With modern consumers becoming increasingly conscious of the welfare needs of animals reared for their meat, the demand for “clean” GMO and antibiotic-free meats continues to grow. This trend coupled with the ongoing premiumization of the sector and the modern trend for convenience is driving innovation within the packaging sector.

Our range of premium films and paper composite materials are chosen by leading meat producers to protect their product and ensure it reaches the customer in perfect condition.

Atria Easy-Open Vacuum Pack


Launched in the Finnish market the new Atria easy-open vacuum pack is unlike any other pack of minced beef.

Using Wipak’s sandwich printed BIAXER, together with a matt black SC XX bottom film, the pack is incredibly easy to open and does not require scissors – consumers simply pull the tab to peel open the package. Once open, the minced beef is easy to remove from the pack and can be put straight into a pan or a bowl for preparation.

The vacuum pack uses over 50% less packaging material compared to traditional minced meat packages, and adapts perfectly to the shape of the product, saving space during transport, in-store, in consumers’ shopping bags, in the refrigerator, and in the bin. Furthermore, the beef is packed without the use of packaging gases.

  • Easy to open
  • Saves space
  • Over 50% less packaging material
  • More environmentally-friendly
Food Packaging for Superior Taste


Ham – thightly packed

Ham – thightly packed

The ultra-transparent SuperClear scores high with excellent rigidity, stability and back shrink properties. The flexible film tightly covers the product like a second skin and is available as a high barrier solution as well.

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