Processed Meat

Consumer demand for high-protein convenient snacks that can be consumed on the go is fuelling new product development and innovation within the processed meats sector. Our range of films and packaging solutions, coupled with convenience features such as resealing and reclose features enable consumers to carry and consume snacking products such as jerky and miniature salamis on the go wherever they are.

Organic Sausages in Recyclable Packaging


When selecting the packaging for its range of organic farmed sausages, Börner Eisenacher required a solution for that would complement and convey the values of Organic Farming where the well-being of the livestock is of utmost importance.

Opting for lidding film PAPER TOP W BE 90 XX PEEL and in combination with PAPER BTM 330 XX the packaging solution consists of 75% FSC® certified paper and is recyclable to reflect the values of the range.

Haptic Lacquer: Naturally Rough


Ter Beke is a major fresh food company in the Benelux countries. For a new range of meat cuts containing vegetables, the company called upon Wipak to implement the packaging concept.  The final product was a thermoforming Fleece Bottom laminate and a top web (BIAXER 65 XX PEEL) which was refined using a haptic lacquer. The effect: the finished surface is rough, providing a paper-like feel, which helps to emphasize Ter Beke’s quality targets: natural, original, fresh.

Wipak Gains a Slice of the Action

Wipak UK continues to strengthen its relationship with Tulip Ltd (part of Danish Crown). Having successfully trialled Wipak printed films, Wipak UK currently delivers thirteen designs for UK retailer, Waitrose, supplying 600,000 meters of printed film annually.

Additional Wipak UK supplies Tulip with REPAK 85 XX HM AFM UV lidding film which is used to pack the Co-Op’s ‘Truly Irresistible’ range of sliced bacon.

Increased Lidding Designs via Digital Inkjet Technology



Czech meat manufacturer Steinhauser ran a promotional campaign featuring 12 fun designs produced by a local artist on the packaging of their range of child focused hams.

All 12 designs were reproduced using Wipak’s Digital Inkjet technology ProDirect® which enables the cost effective printing of small to medium sized batches with no minimum quantities and a fully automated pre-press function.

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