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Many new pet owners are making life and dietary choices for their pets based around their own choices leading to a surge in new product launches compared to five years ago. The trends are keeping in line with human foods with new pet owners seeking out cleaner, more nutritious meals for their pet, combinations of ingredients that appeal to pet owners are driving an increase in the amount of fruit and vegetables contained within pet foods, and driving an increase in prices.

Wipak’s range of pouches and flexible films provide effective high barrier solutions for pet food, locking in odours and extending the shelf life of the product without tainting the flavours of the product.

Green Pet Food stands for Sustainability, Innovation, and Quality

Wipak | Pet Food Packaging SolutionsThe German company “foodforplanet” manufactures a range of sustainable dog foods, including grain-free, insect-based food and hypoallergenic, and vegetable-based formulations. With sustainability at the heart of the business, they’ve chosen for Wipak printed paper/plastic composite solutions for their Green Petfood brand. By combining a fully automated pre-press and solvent-free paper composites ProDirect® printed pouches offered the most sustainable packaging solution for their dog food.

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