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  • Wipak|BIALONPeel
  • Wipak|BIALONProduct Protection
  • Wipak|BIALONPuncture Resistance

BIALON is a range of coextruded and/or laminated films made of oriented polyamide (nylon) with a polyolefin sealing layer. Specific to this film range is its very high flex crack resistance and puncture resistance. Polyamide provides a medium barrier – the perfect fit for products that develop ripening gases during their shelf life.

Used as lidding for PP trays, it offers the often-requested shrink effect and heat resistant seal for microwave applications.

Of course, BIALON films are printable in roto gravure or flexographic with a surface gloss.

Typical Applications

  • Block or sliced cheese
  • Fresh pasta
  • Sliced bacon or dried ham
  • Ready meals
  • Bread and bakery products
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