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Wipak has a long standing tradition of developing partnerships with external stakeholders within the flexible packaging industry. By developing strategic relationships with local colleges and universities, and participating in international initiatives such as Ceflex, we are able to attract and retain talent, and ensure we’re at the forefront of our industry, helping to shape the discussion and future direction of the packaging industry.

Students and Universities

NEXTWipak is proud to collaborate with leading universities in Germany, Switzerland, the UK and Finland. Since 2008 and in conjunction with the German Packaging Institute, German specialist journal ‘creativ verpacken’ and The Finnish Design Institute in Lahti Wipak has regularly launched design projects and competitions for students. These competitions help Wipak to attract and retain talented graduates, helping the business to remain relevant and innovative to the newest consumer.

Students at the Berlin University of Applied Science (HTW) were recognized for their submissions into a design challenge initiated by Wipak. In 2017 three submissions were recognized at the German Packaging Awards.

Tast(e) Food

Tast-FoodProof of quality or ‘best before’ information is often printed in design as numbers or as a mark using colour-changing ink.

Tast(e) Food offers visual and tactile information by changing the surface, indicating the current quality of the food. Advantage: This pack enhances consumers’ food awareness.

Design: Anne Bansen, HTW Berlin

Klip Klap

Haerdtlein_TobiasThis film package has an adapted opening mechanism for stand-up pouches, resulting in significantly improved handling when dispensing loose products such as rice, muesli or nuts. Reduced material use, intuitive handling – that’s how a pouch is transformed into an attracting packaging.

Design: Tobias Härdtlein, HTW Berlin


GoFreshCook once, enjoy again and again. The resealable bag comprises durable basic and fresh ingredients which are prepared according to the recipe on the packaging. Leftovers can be cooled, frozen and reheated in the microwave using the bag. The concept is made from recyclable materials.

Design: Aran Leptig, HTW Berlin


CeflexWipak joined Ceflex in 2017 and is now working with companies from the entire value chain towards the common goal of increasing the collection and recycling of flexible packaging by 2025. This will take “end of life” technologies and processes, which deliver the best economic, technical and environmental outcome for a circular economy, into account.

The initiative encourages collaboration across the value chain to find common solutions – from raw material producers, to manufacturers of packaging and consumer products, retailers, as well as waste management and recycling companies. CEFLEX is working towards finding solutions in these areas to make flexible packaging even more relevant to the circular economy.

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