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Wipak and Winpak are joining forces to form a new global brand Wiicare for health packaging. Together we will ensure that our customers receive enhanced performance through a jointly designed, identical global product portfolio of sterile barrier systems wherever sourced globally.

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Sterile Barrier Systems to Eliminate Device Contamination

A sterile barrier system, or SBS, is the minimal package required to prevent ingress of microorganisms and allow aseptic presentation at the point of use. Good quality, strength, and performance in a sterile barrier improve the efficiency and reliability of processing and handling the packed supplies.
Wipak | Medical packaging

The Need for Efficient Packaging Processes

Wipak’s offering for sterile barrier systems and high-end packaging solutions for the medical device industry, pharmaceutical companies, and healthcare facilities follows our holistic approach to quality: we utilize state-of-the-art production technologies and R&D facilities for the benefit of our customers and patients all over the world.
Wipak | Medical packaging

Correct Use – A Mandatory Condition

Devices and instruments are sterilized in their packaging. Appropriate packaging allows effective sterilization and maintains sterility to the point of use of the packed product. Compatibility of the packaging system with the product to be packed and with its sterilization method, handling procedures, marking, and labelling has to be verified. Transportation, warehousing, and stackability needs cause added strains to materials. A well-designed medical packaging solution facilitates aseptic entry of the packed sterile item into use.

Wipak is a member of the Sterile Barrier Association

Wipak | Medical packaging
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Wipak | Medical packaging

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