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With many young families now being dual-income households, parents and carers are turning to convenient and portable baby foods that don’t compromise on the nutritional profile of their baby’s meal. Additionally, “clean” products that are free from lactose, GMO, preservatives, and sugars are becoming increasingly popular with young families.

Wipak’s range of aluminium-free and carbon-neutral spouted pouches provide young families with the convenience require whilst ensuring the sustainable and responsible packaging of their baby’s food.

Little Leaf Fresh and Tasty Baby Food

Wipak | Baby Food Packaging Solutions

Baby food from the chiller cabinet. Fresh – thanks to an innovative production process – and in bio-quality.

Offering a range of eight flavours – three types of fruits, four vegetables plus one of meat, the Munich-based start-up company Little Leaf launched its products onto the DACH markets. Little Leaf owner Sandra Peralta first came up with her business idea about four years ago, working independently to develop the formulation and arranging production in Bavaria. The entrepreneur who already operates a catering service company in Munich breathed new life into the supplementary food segment for biological products, increasing nutritional awareness and health consciousness amongst young parents.


Wipak | Baby Food Packaging Solutions

Squeeze snack for kids in green packaging – Freche Freunde the perfect option!

The Berlin start-up Erdbär has a mission: “to bring pep into the world of healthy baby & kids food with their “Freche Freunde” brand“.

” The goal is to develop an early friendship with fruits and vegetables – this is easiest when it’s made fun!” says Jan Augenstein from Erdbär. But not only a funny design carrying the message. All products are made to organic quality standards without redundant additives.

“It was clear for us that the packaging had to protect our product and fit in with our cheeky concept. We deliberately wanted to dispense with aluminium in our Quetschie pouches and use a sustainable packaging solution”, says Jan Augenstein.

Erdbär decided on Wipak’s new concept for squeeze pouches – consisting of a combination of FSC®-certified paper and a green PE sealing layer. This composition makes up more than 60% renewable resources and even saves 25% plastic. The bold designs are printed with water-based inks using Wipaks innovative ProDirect® digital printing technology. With the overall concept, Erdbär underlines its responsibility towards future generations and its belief that sustainably shapes the environment.

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