Within the Sausages sector, new product development is driven by increases in consumer demand for healthier, fresher choices – with complex artisanal flavour combinations also growing in popularity and driving growth within the sector.

Our range of premium films, paper composite materials, and our expertise in the printing and finishing of materials enable our customers to differentiate their products at the point of sale and drive sales.

Vollstedt, Denmark



Product: Sausage Package: Flowpack paper laminate (Paper Top PD W 80 XX XFP) with window

In Denmark, Kildegaarden stands for high-quality beef products. For the introduction of four new sausage products, the manufacturer, Vollstedt, selected Wipak ProDirect®, enabling them to reduce order quantities and print using water-based inks to increase their sustainability credentials.

“Thanks to ProDirect®, the launch was much easier. By using small batches, we are able to plan our requirements more flexibly and respond faster whenever we need new printed materials. Furthermore, we do not have any costs for printing plates. This is a clear benefit when using multiple designs. We have thus been able to limit our costs, particularly in the initial stages. ProDirect has fully convinced me and we are already planning new projects.”

Jacob Vollstedt, Owner and Managing Director

Flexible and super strong


Highly transparent SC and SC PA films for excellent puncture resistance, available in gauges from 50 to 300 micron. Films from those product families secure excellent product presentation thanks to high gloss. Used in a broad application range in vacuum and MAP packaging solutions, with proven down-gaging potential.

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