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CoE Program by Digimarc Corporation is launched with Wipak as one of the Founding Partners.


Wipak, a trusted partner of Digimarc Corporation since 2014 and an official partner since 2018, is leading the way in promoting transparent and fact-based circularity in plastic packaging. With over 8500 implementations in the retail sector, Wipak has extensive experience in implementing Digimarc-enhanced packaging concepts.


As a founding partner of Digimarc’s Center of Expertise (CoE) program, Wipak is at the forefront of revolutionizing the industry. The CoE program aims to equip leading print, packaging, and pre-media companies, including Wipak, with unparalleled access and knowledge to incorporate Digimarc’s groundbreaking digital watermarking technology into digital identification and authentication solutions across various industries. This collaboration empowers Wipak and other founding members to offer customers the flexibility of deploying digital watermarks on a wide range of printed materials, expanding beyond Wipak’s own flexible materials. These digital watermarks can be effortlessly activated or deactivated with a simple and swift action, enabling companies to proactively anticipate future needs and comply with upcoming regulations such as the European Union’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR).


Wipak’s expertise and implementation of Digimarc-enhanced packaging concepts position it as a leader in the industry. According to Karri Koskela, CEO at Wipak, “Digimarc’s new Center of Expertise program, with Wipak as a founding member, marks a significant milestone in the digital packaging market. Through this collaboration, our customers will now have the ability to validate their recyclability rates at scale. This not only ensures environmental sustainability but also opens doors for services and digitalization of packaging. It is important to note that the potential of digital watermarks goes beyond packaging materials alone. Wipak is fully prepared to lead the way in revolutionizing the industry, offering cost-efficient solutions to counter counterfeiting and protect our customers’ brands, providing certainty and safety for both the end consumer and our customers. We understand the importance of protecting brands and ensuring the safety of products, and we are committed to delivering exceptional value to both our customers and consumers.”


By seamlessly connecting physical and digital assets, Digimarc’s technology revolutionizes the way brands and consumers interact. It has proven effective in deterring counterfeiting, promoting circularity, and enhancing recyclability, thereby minimizing plastic waste.


Tom Benton, Digimarc’s Chief Revenue Officer, emphasizes the importance of this partnership, stating, “By giving our partners unprecedented access to our digital watermarking experts and hands-on training we ensure they are well positioned to support customers progressing in their digital transformation journeys, where the identification or the authentication of physical and digital items is critical.”


To learn more about Digimarc at Wipak, please visit https://wipak.com/fi/innovative-services/digimarc-at-wipak/


For more information and enquiries, please contact:

Florian Constabel – Head of Wipak N.E.X.T. & Digimarc

Tel. + 49 51614880512 Email: florian.constabel@wipak.com

Josefina Pönkkä – Senior Marketing & Communications Specialist

Tel. +358 401472972 Email: name.lastname@wipak.com


Wipak is a leading provider of flexible packaging solutions for global markets, with a compelling reputation for innovation, quality, and sustainability in flexible packaging solutions for Food products and Medical Instruments and Devices. Wipak’s strength is in linking expertise in research and development with the group’s production and sales capabilities around the globe. Wipak operates eleven facilities and a network of sales offices in Europe, the Middle East and Asia and it is part of the family owned Wihuri business conglomerate.



For enquiries about Digimarc’s Center of Expertise program, please contact sales@digimarc.com.


About Digimarc


Digimarc Corporation (NASDAQ: DMRC) is the pioneer and global leader in digital watermarking technologies. For nearly 30 years, Digimarc innovations and intellectual property in digital watermarking have been deployed at a massive scale for the identification and the authentication of physical and digital items. A notable example is our partnership with a consortium of the world’s central banks to deter counterfeiting of global currency. Digimarc is also instrumental in supporting global industry standards efforts spanning both the physical and digital worlds. In 2023, Digimarc was named to the Fortune 2023 Change the World list and honored as a 2023 Fast Company World Changing Ideas finalist. Learn more at Digimarc.com



For more information and enquiries about Digimarc’s Center of Expertise program, please contact:

Susan Baldwin –Digimarc Corporation VP of Communications

Tel. +1 509 9391137 Email: PR@digimarc.com

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