Double Win for Wipak at the German Packaging Awards

Supported by the ‘Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’, the German Packaging Awards is one of the most prestigious award schemes for packaging manufacturers in Europe. This year, a total of 195 packaging concepts were entered into the German Packaging Awards from 12 different countries, with the Wipak Group once again able to convince the world-class panel of judges with its innovative capabilities.

Patrick Verhelst, Sales Director at the Wipak Group, said: “Over the past number of years, Wipak has developed constantly, with fresh and sustainable packaging concepts and new technologies which have truly changed the sector. We are delighted that this effort has been recognized by the German Packaging Awards’ judging panel.”

He continued: “At Wipak, we believe that packaging is an essential element of everyday life. It protects our foodstuffs from production to the refrigerator, and is key to avoiding food waste. However, a packaging manufacturer’s goal must also be to reduce the environmental impact of packaging in the most sustainable manner possible through intelligent material combinations, alternative materials, and new production and finishing technologies.”


Wipak | Double Win for Wipak at the German Packaging Awards

Wipak was recognized in the German Packaging Awards’ ‘Sustainability’ category for a new stand-up bag it developed for Thuringia-based meat producer, MarKo’s, Salami Snacks.

To reduce the environmental impact of the metallized plastic packaging, all of the important life cycle phases of the package were examined – from raw materials to production and disposal. The revised pack was a paper-plastic composite with 40% lower global warming potential, which utilized FSC®-certified paper made entirely of fresh fibers. This new combination solution required approximately one third less energy in the manufacturing process, which was confirmed by an independent institute.

The next phase of the project saw Wipak reduce the product-related CO2 emissions even further by printing the paper composite using its new and innovative “ProDirect technology. It was this technology that scooped Wipak an award in the ‘Packaging Machines’ category at the German Packaging Awards.

ProDirect responds to the ever-decreasing order quantities caused by growing seasonal and promotional items, the establishment of regional markets, and the increasing diversification of merchandise. It provides personalized and individualized packaging solutions at a time when rising material consumption and increasing printing plate costs are pushing traditional printing techniques to their limits.

What makes ProDirect truly revolutionary, is that it is possible to manufacture packaging efficiently up to batch size 1. This is achieved through the combination of a newly developed digital printing system, with a fully automatic pre-press stage and efficient paper compounds suitable for food products.

The German Packaging Awards presentation ceremony will take place at the Humboldt Box in Berlin on 26.09.2017.

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Wipak | Double Win for Wipak at the German Packaging Awards

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