Meet Our People: Satoko Nakayama

Meet Our People spotlights our Wipak family across the world. This week we spoke to Satoko Nakayama, Digital Marketing Manager at Wipak about her role, sustainability, and her passions.


What do you do at Wipak?

My main priority at the moment is to increase our website visibility and improve performance so that our users can have the best possible experience while browsing. My focus is heavily on our online presence and creating a site that is attractive and user-friendly. How am I doing this? By creating a website that’s easy for our users to read, use and find their answers, and by managing weekly blog updates where we share information that benefits the public, but also to shows off our amazing colleagues. 


What are your thoughts on Wipak valuing sustainability?

Sustainability and being kind to Mother Earth should be important to us all. Naturally, Wipak takes this very seriously by continually developing new products through material reduction, renewable materials, and designing recycling solutions. I’m particularly proud that Wipak is educating their people and the younger generation to do the same.


Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a new mother who codes – I recently gave birth to my daughter but I’m also learning to become a front-end developer. My passions also include cooking (especially food that is spicy and full of love like Mexican or Xi’an Chinese food)! I cook every day and my family is my personal Gordan Ramsay. I love wine and was a bartender for 7 years – I have a secret dream of buying a vineyard in Italy to make my own wine when I retire.


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Wipak Walsrode – 20 years anniversary

Wipak Walsrode became part of the Wihuri Group corporate family on June 1, 2001. Joining this memorable moment in Bomlitz were Antti Aarnio-Wihuri and Wipak Group MD – Harri Pursiainen. 
We have fond memories of Finnish music and food to celebrate the merging of the two (work) cultures on the day. Celebrations aside, soon after, exchanges between the Finnish and German sites began and many of the relationships forged back then continue to enrich our unique work culture to this day. 
The business grew during the following years not least as a result of the constant knowledge exchange between experts in both countries. Dedicated investments to the Wipak Walsrode site included new printing and slitting capacity and a new warehouse. Wipak Walsrode also became home to Wipak’s flagship investment in Digital Printing Technology with our ProDirect digital printer. With the conclusion of that investment Wipak Walsrode further strengthened its position as an innovation leader in high-quality film solutions.
Wipak Walsrode leads our charge to become the world’s first carbon-neutral flexible packaging company with a growing number of market-leading sustainable solutions.


Congratulations to our Walsrode family!


Meet Our People: Sina Jahns

#MeetOurPeople spotlights our Wipak family across the world. This week, see what Sina had to share about her role with Digimarc at the N.E.X.T. Centre for Packaging Innovation in Walsrode, Germany. 


What do you do at Wipak? 

Several years ago, I used to say my job was “food packaging” and, with that, the conversation was usually over – hardly anyone seemed to be interested. Now I like to say my role at Wipak is a little bit like magic: I’m hiding near-invisible Digimarc Barcodes into different packaging artwork. What I do is not just a job, it’s a passion! 


What are your thoughts on Wipak valuing sustainability? 

These days it is absolutely necessary to care about sustainability, and we do! It can be challenging to become more sustainable, but who can make plastic more sustainable if not those in the industry? E.g. Digimarc Barcodes have huge potential in terms of recycling – they can enable materials to be sorted according to variety and purity. It’s such a great opportunity for Wipak being part of this. 


What is the N.E.X.T. Centre for Packaging Innovation like? 

Something absolutely unique about the Innovation Centre, where we run workshops for customers in the countryside, is that we have a roof terrace where we love to enjoy the sun in the summer! 


Tell us something about yourself! 

I love colourful and crazy socks… some colleagues call them my “creativity socks”. It’s a great way to bring even more creativity and fun to the office! 


We are proud of the dedication of every member of the Wipak family. Find out more about the N.E.X.T. Centre here and stay tuned for more Meet Our People in the coming weeks! 



Meet Our People: Marco Beluffi

Meet our people spotlights our Wipak family across the world. This week’s feature is on Marco Beluffi, Junior Controller in Bordi, Italy.


What do you do at Wipak?

After receiving an Economics Bachelor last year, I began working as Junior Controller for Wipak Bordi. I’ve since been taking an active part in the SAP Go-live project implementation and, after 1 year of hard work, the CO is now nearly 100% implemented and we can finally start playing around with controlling actions devoted to the decision-making process!


What are your thoughts on Wipak valuing sustainability?

After two years of working here, I’m proud to say that Wipak translates its sustainability ideas into action every day, discussing and making decisions based on safeguarding the environment.

From my point of view, while being environmentally friendly requires a high economic effort, it is possible to make this profit and to meet the expectations of all stakeholders by respecting the planet – the same planet where we live. In other words, there is the possibility to be part of a virtuous circle aimed at creating a sustainable future for the next generations. So, why not?

This way of doing business is certainly a daily challenge but if #WECONTRIBUTE together, we are sure to succeed! 


What are you up to at Wipak Bordi?

At Wipak Bordi, we aim to build strong relationships with our customers giving them high-level service, from product customization to quality management. Customer loyalty is priceless! We’re also designing our products with sustainability values and recently passed an inspection from an external auditor (BRC), which has noted the close attention we pay to the security and quality of the product.

We’re also moving to the new plant, which has been built with respect for the environment (e.g. photovoltaic systems, energy-saving generators, domotics systems, clean room). Lastly, we are now in the SAP Go-live phase 2 and are making daily progress.


Why did you choose Wipak?

When I was a student, I had some opportunities to approach all the topics above by attending classes about environmental sustainability and the circular economy. Values related to these concepts always fascinated me and this is the reason why I chose to focus my thesis on sustainable development and CSR.

A few months before earning my bachelor’s degree, I read about a role with Wipak Bordi. Given that the position really interested me, I decided to run for it and got it! Immediately I surfed the Wipak website and I was completely and positively surprised to see that their mission, vision, and objectives were focused on respect for the environment.


Meet Our People : Peter Henstra

This week’s special #MeetOurPeople feature comes from Peter Henstra, Continuous Improvement Manager for Wipak B.V., where he helps department leaders find ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


What do you do with Wipak?

My role within Wipak is very diverse but my main responsibility is bridging the ‘culture’ gaps between the different departments, searching for solutions with small teams who work together closely. I try to create a good support foundation to make sure actions have a greater potential for success.


How do you contribute to Wipak’s sustainability goals?

My thoughts on sustainability are always progressing. On the CO2 reduction team, we mainly look at decreasing our energy consumption and reducing the usage of raw materials. But this is only one part of the sustainability story. Recyclability of the materials and/or circular use of the raw materials is also important. In the food business, there are already good developments in this direction.


Since we are a converting plant and do not produce the materials we use ourselves, our influence on the development part is very slim. In the local BV CO2 meetings, it is regularly discussed how we can support the Group even more, on top of our other actions, in fulfilling its CO2 strategy.


What is special about your site?

I am not sure if this is unique (I hope not), but what I appreciate about BV is the atmosphere – the team are always on top of things. If someone is in need of support, they will get it. Since we’re a small plant, we need this kind of spirit to create a flexible and fast-acting basis for building our future.


Tell us about yourself!

Something not many people know is that I am slightly addicted to building with LEGO!


We are proud of the dedication of every member of the Wipak family and our thanks go to Peter for sharing his perspective. Check out our last Meet Our People feature on Managing Director and cross-country skiing enthusiast, Tuija Suur-Hamari, and stay tuned for more!


Meet Our People : Tuija Suur-Hamari

#MeetOurPeople spotlights our Wipak family across the world. This week’s special feature is from Tuija Suur-Hamari, Managing Director and Regional MD, North. See what she has to say about Wiicare, the recently launched healthcare brand from Wipak and sister company Winpak.


What is your role at Wipak?

My role is to develop Wipak businesses in the North and Health regions in a sustainable way and create value in the short and long term. I’m also leading Wiicare, our newly launched global brand with Winpak for healthcare customers. Under current Covid restrictions, my job is a balance of online meetings, negotiations, and smaller or bigger decisions made together with colleagues or customers.


What are your thoughts on Wiicare?

Naturally, I’m very excited about it! By bringing together the strengths of both Wipak and Winpak, we have a truly global network in place for our healthcare customers. We also have a clear strategy to develop the business further. With the implementation of best practices from both companies, Wiicare will become the most sought-after healthcare packaging supplier.


​​Could you tell us a bit about your site?

The sites belonging to the North region and our health strand are Changshu, Nastola, Sittard (BP), Valkeakoski, and Biaxis. The healthcare market is important for all of the sites in the region and we have three cleanrooms dedicated for the business: Changshu, Nastola, and Sittard (BP).


Tell us a bit about yourself!

Something less known about me is that I have always liked cross-country skiing. However, since moving to Lahti and having great tracks practically on my doorstep, as long as there is snow on the ground you can find me skiing!


To read about this new alliance, go to and be sure to follow Wiicare on LinkedIn. For more on our North American sister company Winpak, go to


Meet Our People: Pia Kuusela

Every fortnight, Meet Our People spotlights our Wipak family across the world. See what Pia Kuusela, Sales & Marketing Assistant for Wipak Health has shared below.


What do you do at Wipak?


My job includes assisting with marketing materials, brochures, Social Media, videos, and photographing products, people, and exhibitions globally when possible. I am responsible for updating our e-learning portal, Way (Wipak Academy for You), and website pages. I also take care of Wipak seminars and meeting logistics, which usually happen around the world when there isn’t a pandemic!


What is special about your site?

Our Nastola plant, where Wipak has had a factory for over 50 years, is located in the south of Finland, but it’s still possible to see the Aurora Borealis here.


Tell us about yourself!

I just completed a year of studying at Rastor Institute and received a Diploma in Communications. I am a Vice Chairman and one of four founders of Fotoklubi. Lahti – an association of amateur photographers in the Lahti Region.


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Meet Our People: Matthias Werneck

Every fortnight, we will be sharing #MeetOurPeople interviews, spotlighting the hard work of our Wipak family across our global sites.  See what Matthias Werneck, Production Planning Solution Expert, had to say: 


What do you do at Wipak? 

  1. I started with Wipak Walsrode in 2006 as a production planner. In 2012 I joined the Wipak’s Process and Application Support – WARP project as a key user to support the SAP go-live in Walsrode. Since the end of 2013, I’ve been working in the WARP-Team as a Production Planning Solution Expert. In general, a SolEx is responsible for the SAP application and making sure that the defined processes are covered by the technical solution. Another priority of mine is continuously improving the SAP solution. For that, we’re in close contact with the business side to understand the needs and impacts regarding system changes. Since last year, I’ve also introduced and supported Wipak projects in Jira, managing business processes & specific projects.   


What does sustainability at Wipak mean to you? 

  1. It’s the future! As a father of two small children, you cannot think otherwise. Of course, as a business, we have to always keep an eye on profitability, but whoever has his foot in the door first will have an advantage over the competition. 


What is your site like? 

  1. Since I work for the IT group, I have had the opportunity to get a taste of all sites. Each plant is unique in terms of culture and habits. I hope that we’ll come to work even closer together and function as a big cross-border team. The success of the group counts on it and I hope everyone sees that. We have made great progress in this in recent years and WARP does the best to support this kind of fusion with the best possible ERP solution. 


What is a surprising fact about you? 

  1. I’m an absolute music and movie freak! Unfortunately going to concerts and cinema hasn’t been going that well during the pandemic…and the same goes for barbecues. Instead, I’ve had more time to work on my home, improving my handiwork and craftmanship by 100%…starting from 0%! 


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Meet Our People: Kseniya Permyakova

Every fortnight, we will be sharing #MeetOurPeople interviews, spotlight the hard work of our Wipak family across our global sites. Check out our first feature below with Kseniya Permyakova, Account Manager for the Benelux market. 


1. What do you do at Wipak and why? 


My main task is to sell Wipak’s packaging solutions to customers in the food industry. This job is both commercial and technical. I ensure that customers get new offers and information concerning our sustainable product range, I advise them how to do the marketing for their packaging and I assist them with technical questions. My position requires close cooperation with Plant Sales, Finance, Supply, Planning, R&D and Production.  


Wipak’s focus on sustainability was what caught my eye in the first place when applying for this job. I worked in the packaging industry before and a lot of customers were asking me questions about sustainable products and trends, but I was not able to offer them a sustainable solution. This made me realize that green was the future of packaging. Now I am very proud to be part of a company that contributes to a greener future, offers products that fit the circular economy and has vowed to reduce the company carbon footprint to zero within five years. 


2. What is unique about your Wipak site? 


Wipak BV does not produce any packaging materials. This means our team has to work in close cooperation with all Wipak production plants to be able to service our customers. Every day I speak to people from different areas of expertise, different countries and backgrounds. This makes my work very interesting and international.  


3. What is something unique about you that people may not know?  


Before developing an interest for sales, marketing and business, I also studied Linguistics and Literature. I am a major literature fan and considered a job in that field. My favourite bookstore is Shakespeare and Company in Paris. This store is located opposite the Notre Dame and near the banks of the Seine. I try to go there every year. 


Thanks go to Kseniya for sharing her story. Wipak is extremely proud of the dedication and vast experiences of women who enrich our industry.  


Stay tuned for more insights every two weeks. 




“How did we do – what are we going to achieve?” -Karri Koskela, CEO Wipak Group

New year, new targets – but how did we do last year? This is the time of the year when we usually tend to look a bit back, but most importantly plan the next year in our professional life. Many of us even make this kind of balancing of the previous year’s books in one’s personal life too.

To me and I suspect to most of the people too year 2020 was a very odd one but nevertheless the targets we set in Wipak for 2020 were quite similar to earlier years too. Financial targets, business development targets, people development targets etc. Some of those we achieved, some of those not but it is yet very important to realize that even the targets that were not fully achieved we took our business forward and improved most targets vs. 2019. We should celebrate our achievement and all the success and development that took place in 2020.

Wipak’s strategic target “CO​​​​2 neutral by 2025” will be achieved not at once but step by step. This journey is not like a 100 meters sprint on track but more like a marathon – with a steady pace at first, then a bit speeding up when you realize that the needed building blocks are there and the mindset of our employees and even customers is committed and finally, if needed, you take the final spurt and cross the finish line. After now one and a half year we are moving steadily forward. We reduced our CO2  footprint by 5,9% – this is equal to all Wipak’s employee’s personal life CO2  in one year. This is a great achievement – imagine if all the companies in the world would have done the same! We have been building our sustainability product range, we have finalized the CO2 calculator, we have built our N.E.X.T. innovation center where we together with our customers – virtually of course –  have been innovating sustainable products that will bring their business forward. We have also made significant investments in our sites to enable our ambitious strategy. Now we are ready to speed up the pace.

Target setting for 2021 is in progress and we are setting ambitious targets in a global situation that is far from familiar. Yet our main goal is clear – we are going to be CO2 neutral by 2025. This is something we are not going to compromise at all. We continue developing our products but most importantly our people since people are the ones that make the business and even more importantly the strategy to happen.

Good luck with 2021 and let’s work together in achieving 2021 targets and ultimately the CO2 neutrality by 2025.


Karri Koskela, CEO Wipak Group

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