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Meet Our People: Jessica Klose



“Meet Our People” blogs are back. This week, we interviewed our lovely Product & Packaging Designer, Jessica! Get to know her and what she does at N.E.X.T Innovation Centre.



What do you do at Wipak?

I’m part of the N.E.X.T. team as a product and packaging designer. I’m working on creative projects and workshops. Located in Germany, we have our wonderful N.E.X.T Center, the optimal environment to create new concepts and get all the right people at one desk; customer, creatives, sales, and technicians. We do need them all to turn future concepts into real orders.


What is it like to work at NEXT? What are your responsibilities?

AWESOME! What a question. No, honestly, I like my job a lot. You must be flexible, but you also get flexibility back!

I work with super nice people, and that helps a lot because as a, you’re always struggling between project management/organizing and being open minded at the same time for new ideas and ways of thinking.


What are your thoughts on Wipak valuing sustainability?

We’re good at seeing the bigger picture to create real sustainability. We try to have every influence on the table, not just seeing it as a selling argument or other superficial reasons.


What is something unique about you that not many people know? Do you have a passion, hobby, or a new skill you’d like to share?

This might not be new for some of you, but I am, beside my job at Wipak, a professional singer. Music is absolutely my passion!

Because I’m a very open, typical extrovert, I feel like there is nothing about me that many people don’t know.


Find out more about the N.E.X.T Centre and what they do in N.E.X.T. page, and be sure to also check our career page. Maybe you can become our next colleague!

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