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Meet Our People: Marco Beluffi


Meet our people spotlights our Wipak family across the world. This week’s feature is on Marco Beluffi, Junior Controller in Bordi, Italy.


What do you do at Wipak?

After receiving an Economics Bachelor last year, I began working as Junior Controller for Wipak Bordi. I’ve since been taking an active part in the SAP Go-live project implementation and, after 1 year of hard work, the CO is now nearly 100% implemented and we can finally start playing around with controlling actions devoted to the decision-making process!


What are your thoughts on Wipak valuing sustainability?

After two years of working here, I’m proud to say that Wipak translates its sustainability ideas into action every day, discussing and making decisions based on safeguarding the environment.

From my point of view, while being environmentally friendly requires a high economic effort, it is possible to make this profit and to meet the expectations of all stakeholders by respecting the planet – the same planet where we live. In other words, there is the possibility to be part of a virtuous circle aimed at creating a sustainable future for the next generations. So, why not?

This way of doing business is certainly a daily challenge but if #WECONTRIBUTE together, we are sure to succeed! 


What are you up to at Wipak Bordi?

At Wipak Bordi, we aim to build strong relationships with our customers giving them high-level service, from product customization to quality management. Customer loyalty is priceless! We’re also designing our products with sustainability values and recently passed an inspection from an external auditor (BRC), which has noted the close attention we pay to the security and quality of the product.

We’re also moving to the new plant, which has been built with respect for the environment (e.g. photovoltaic systems, energy-saving generators, domotics systems, clean room). Lastly, we are now in the SAP Go-live phase 2 and are making daily progress.


Why did you choose Wipak?

When I was a student, I had some opportunities to approach all the topics above by attending classes about environmental sustainability and the circular economy. Values related to these concepts always fascinated me and this is the reason why I chose to focus my thesis on sustainable development and CSR.

A few months before earning my bachelor’s degree, I read about a role with Wipak Bordi. Given that the position really interested me, I decided to run for it and got it! Immediately I surfed the Wipak website and I was completely and positively surprised to see that their mission, vision, and objectives were focused on respect for the environment.

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