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Meet Our People: Jennifer Chew


This week, it is our pleasure to introduce you to our Area Sales Manager from our Singapore office. She is known for bringing contagious positive energy to the workplace. Additionally, she has a passion for golf. Let us now hear what she has to share.


What do you do at Wipak?

On 1st of December 2018, I commenced my first day at Wipak Oy (Singapore Branch) as the Area Sales Manager, HCF, Asia. In this role, my responsibilities entail overseeing all our distributors in Asia and achieving regional sales objectives. This is accomplished through recruiting, training, and motivating our distributors and their sales teams, ensuring their optimal performance and successful attainment of sales targets.


What’s the best part about your job?

I enjoy the opportunity to meet our global colleagues and distributors, as well as the chance to travel to Europe and Asia, immersing myself in their diverse cultures. It’s fascinating to experience the local architecture, cuisine, and languages, and, most importantly, connect with the people.


What do you enjoy most about working at Wipak?

I find the greatest enjoyment in working here stems from the opportunity for professional growth within my current role. Being able to utilize my strongest skills and abilities in my job brings a sense of fulfillment, as it allows me to perform at my best. Moreover, the chance to enhance my skill set while consistently delivering high-quality work serves as a source of motivation to continuously strive for improvement.


What does your perfect day look like at work?

My proficiency in multitasking has been a driving force behind my choice of career, and I thoroughly enjoy the days that allow me to exercise this skill. I vividly recall a particular day when I was tasked with meeting multiple clients. While some might perceive such a schedule as hectic, I was genuinely thrilled at the opportunity to assist various companies in enhancing their sales. I commenced the day by meeting with the first client to thoroughly understand their project requirements, ensuring I provided them with my undivided attention and support. Subsequently, I engaged with another client to develop a budget and formulate an efficient plan. In between these interactions, I made sure to take adequate breaks and enjoy a nourishing lunch to rejuvenate myself for subsequent engagements with customers.


What are your thoughts on Wipak valuing sustainability?

I take great pride in being part of a company that prioritizes sustainability and is committed to becoming the leading sustainable flexible packaging company. Our steadfast goal is to achieve a complete elimination of our company’s carbon footprint by the year 2025.


What is something unique about you that not many people know? Do you have a passion, hobby, or new skill you’d like to share?

I secured the 4th position in the Women’s Amateur Asia-Pacific Championship (2001) within my division after a 3-day competition. Recently, I have discovered a new passion and hobby for crafting exquisite crystal bracelets, as well as exploring the art of cooking delectable meals for my family.


Find out more about our people and values here, and be sure to also check our open positions here. Maybe you can become our next colleague!

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