New Lifestyles – Consumer Food Trends with Innova Market Insights


Upon the announcement of their top food trends for 2021, we sat down with Innova Market Insights to explore some of the most pressing consumer desires shaping the flexible packaging industry. Read on to find out more about our most recent video series, Expert Insights: Consumer Food Trends.


This week Hector Parra, Consumer & Market Insights Team Coordinator at Innova Market Insights, talks us through changes in consumer eating habits in light of the global pandemic and lockdown, and how this is driving interest in convenient, luxurious, and healthy food products.


“We need to make sure that our packaging caters to the need for speed – to the need for ease of opening and reclosing – and that it reflects the luxurious, the indulgence…whatever the consumer is looking for,” shares Hery Henry (Head of Strategic Marketing & Sustainability, Wipak Group).


As we move into an era of both working from home and eating on the go, why might recyclable flexible pouches be the key to sustainably protecting and preserving food? How should recycling legislation and infrastructure help guarantee a circular economy for plastic packaging?


Watch the full discussion here:


As a global leader in developing and manufacturing packaging solutions for the food and medical sectors, Wipak stays on top of the latest consumer and packaging trends thanks to Innova Market Insights. Find out how we are addressing these in our sustainable range and product offering here and get in touch today!


Innova Market Insights is a global knowledge leader in the food and beverage industry, whose customers are amongst the top 500 FMCG companies in the world.  Using advanced data analytics, they provide meaningful guidance on present and future trends in FMCG. Based in the Netherlands, Innova is valued for their local and regional knowledge insights. Find out more at  

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