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“How did we do – what are we going to achieve?” -Karri Koskela, CEO Wipak Group


New year, new targets – but how did we do last year? This is the time of the year when we usually tend to look a bit back, but most importantly plan the next year in our professional life. Many of us even make this kind of balancing of the previous year’s books in one’s personal life too.

To me and I suspect to most of the people too year 2020 was a very odd one but nevertheless the targets we set in Wipak for 2020 were quite similar to earlier years too. Financial targets, business development targets, people development targets etc. Some of those we achieved, some of those not but it is yet very important to realize that even the targets that were not fully achieved we took our business forward and improved most targets vs. 2019. We should celebrate our achievement and all the success and development that took place in 2020.

Wipak’s strategic target “CO​​​​2 neutral by 2025” will be achieved not at once but step by step. This journey is not like a 100 meters sprint on track but more like a marathon – with a steady pace at first, then a bit speeding up when you realize that the needed building blocks are there and the mindset of our employees and even customers is committed and finally, if needed, you take the final spurt and cross the finish line. After now one and a half year we are moving steadily forward. We reduced our CO2  footprint by 5,9% – this is equal to all Wipak’s employee’s personal life CO2  in one year. This is a great achievement – imagine if all the companies in the world would have done the same! We have been building our sustainability product range, we have finalized the CO2 calculator, we have built our N.E.X.T. innovation center where we together with our customers – virtually of course –  have been innovating sustainable products that will bring their business forward. We have also made significant investments in our sites to enable our ambitious strategy. Now we are ready to speed up the pace.

Target setting for 2021 is in progress and we are setting ambitious targets in a global situation that is far from familiar. Yet our main goal is clear – we are going to be CO2 neutral by 2025. This is something we are not going to compromise at all. We continue developing our products but most importantly our people since people are the ones that make the business and even more importantly the strategy to happen.

Good luck with 2021 and let’s work together in achieving 2021 targets and ultimately the CO2 neutrality by 2025.


Karri Koskela, CEO Wipak Group

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