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Meet Our People: Sina Jahns


#MeetOurPeople spotlights our Wipak family across the world. This week, see what Sina had to share about her role with Digimarc at the N.E.X.T. Centre for Packaging Innovation in Walsrode, Germany. 


What do you do at Wipak? 

Several years ago, I used to say my job was “food packaging” and, with that, the conversation was usually over – hardly anyone seemed to be interested. Now I like to say my role at Wipak is a little bit like magic: I’m hiding near-invisible Digimarc Barcodes into different packaging artwork. What I do is not just a job, it’s a passion! 


What are your thoughts on Wipak valuing sustainability? 

These days it is absolutely necessary to care about sustainability, and we do! It can be challenging to become more sustainable, but who can make plastic more sustainable if not those in the industry? E.g. Digimarc Barcodes have huge potential in terms of recycling – they can enable materials to be sorted according to variety and purity. It’s such a great opportunity for Wipak being part of this. 


What is the N.E.X.T. Centre for Packaging Innovation like? 

Something absolutely unique about the Innovation Centre, where we run workshops for customers in the countryside, is that we have a roof terrace where we love to enjoy the sun in the summer! 


Tell us something about yourself! 

I love colourful and crazy socks… some colleagues call them my “creativity socks”. It’s a great way to bring even more creativity and fun to the office! 


We are proud of the dedication of every member of the Wipak family. Find out more about the N.E.X.T. Centre here and stay tuned for more Meet Our People in the coming weeks! 


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