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Meet Our People : Tuija Suur-Hamari


#MeetOurPeople spotlights our Wipak family across the world. This week’s special feature is from Tuija Suur-Hamari, Managing Director and Regional MD, North. See what she has to say about Wiicare, the recently launched healthcare brand from Wipak and sister company Winpak.


What is your role at Wipak?

My role is to develop Wipak businesses in the North and Health regions in a sustainable way and create value in the short and long term. I’m also leading Wiicare, our newly launched global brand with Winpak for healthcare customers. Under current Covid restrictions, my job is a balance of online meetings, negotiations, and smaller or bigger decisions made together with colleagues or customers.


What are your thoughts on Wiicare?

Naturally, I’m very excited about it! By bringing together the strengths of both Wipak and Winpak, we have a truly global network in place for our healthcare customers. We also have a clear strategy to develop the business further. With the implementation of best practices from both companies, Wiicare will become the most sought-after healthcare packaging supplier.


​​Could you tell us a bit about your site?

The sites belonging to the North region and our health strand are Changshu, Nastola, Sittard (BP), Valkeakoski, and Biaxis. The healthcare market is important for all of the sites in the region and we have three cleanrooms dedicated for the business: Changshu, Nastola, and Sittard (BP).


Tell us a bit about yourself!

Something less known about me is that I have always liked cross-country skiing. However, since moving to Lahti and having great tracks practically on my doorstep, as long as there is snow on the ground you can find me skiing!


To read about this new alliance, go to and be sure to follow Wiicare on LinkedIn. For more on our North American sister company Winpak, go to

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