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How would you define sustainability?


Sustainability is the consideration of environmental, economic, and social actions taken to avoid depleting our natural resources and negative effect on the climate. As a packaging company, this means a circular economy is essential – implementing recyclable packaging solutions while using recycled and renewable materials in our products. Keeping plastic out of the environment, and ensuring customers and consumers understand their roles are also key. 

Circularity also requires end consumers to choose the most sustainable choices. Some of us may be familiar with standing in the supermarket trying to figure out if a particular package is indeed good for the environment. Surely the PET plastic bottles have the highest carbon footprint, or surely this glass is recyclable? At Wipak, this is why sustainability means transparency.

At Wipak, this is why sustainability means transparency. 

We know that consumers would be happy to pay more in order to do their part – but only if they knew without a shadow of a doubt that their packaging was better for the environment – or even carbon neutral. And yet most of them don’t. Why not? Because choosing sustainable packaging has been made difficult. How do you recognise it? Where do you find it? How do I know I’m choosing the option with the lowest carbon footprint? How do I recycle it properly?  

We need to make that choice as easy as possible for people. People don’t buy what they don’t trust, and people don’t trust what is not transparent.  

This is why we set out to measure the carbon footprint of everything we do, minimise it faster than anyone else by 2025, and inform our customers how to reduce the CO2 footprint of their packaging without compromising on performance. Thanks to our dedicated CO2

Want to know more about our sustainable packaging solutions that have a lower carbon footprint, are recyclable, or use renewable or recycled raw materials? Go to 

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