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Sell the strategy today


Wipak’s strategy was launched in May 2019 and a lot has happened since then. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our own people, our customers, our partners, our competitors, and in social media e.g. our LinkedIn articles have been widely shared and commented. Strategy implementation with townhall meetings, team meetings and pop-up cafes internally and FachPack fair launch externally were a success and Wipak’s strategy and long-term goal – CO₂ neutrality by 2025 – has become clear to all parties.

Transferring the strategy into actions – sales – is the next big push. The customers need a little encouragement to take this bold step of carbon neutrality. It might require them a little bit time to digest before they join the #wecontribute movement. That’s why it’s important to start the sales process early with them. That’s why I encourage everyone to sell the strategy today!

Let’s continue the fun with our strategy and to quote Bon Jovi “We weren’t born to follow” – We Are Born to Lead! We have the means – products, services, dedicated and service minded people and our valued customers and partners. In Wipak we believe that the future needs to be built and not just be expected and therefore we invite you to step in N.E.X.T., Wipak’s innovation center, and create your N.E.X.T. big thing, safe and sustainable packaging solution. Together we are strong and can do our best in preventing global warming.  I challenge all – our own people and our customers and partners to share our strategy – Carbon neutrality – today and not tomorrow.

We are to do our best for the globe and society, but we also need to do our best for ourselves.

In Wipak’s Employee Engagement survey, The Wipak Spirit, in late 2019, two very important findings came up; balance between family and work and how to even one’s workload. None of us is a superman or a superwoman or a superhero although we too often tend to think so and I personally am no exception. I am constantly struggling and juggling with my busy work and my three teenagers (luckily not always behaving badly ?). To be a good boss and a good parent is not always easy, but I am sure we all know this too well. One thing I have noticed is that the better I take care of myself physically and mentally the better I can cope with the job and family. We all need to find our ways of unwinding and plugging off our busy schedules.  To me my hobbies like walking in the nature, fishing and hunting are important but lately I have discovered that sleeping is a very big thing. Enough restorative sleep can make wonders to one’s body and soul. And as years go by this comes more and more evident, so sleeping is like putting money in the bank, it accrues interest, and you will benefit from it later. Sleep tight!

In Wipak locations globally there are a lot of initiatives ongoing to take care and improve our physique – some of them are organized by employees by themselves and some by the company and I am happy to say that many have joined the activities. Investing e.g. one hour per week in one’s body and soul pays off many times over. These health initiatives together with good team spirit are vital for making Wipak even greater place to work.

Karri Koskela | CEO, Wihuri Packaging Oy


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