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Which sustainable materials do you offer?


Wipak already offers some of the world’s most sustainable packaging. On the road to a truly circular economy, we remain focused on developing recyclable and recyclate-containing packaging solutions – keeping plastic within the supply chain and out of the environment, while understanding that the complete elimination of plastic is not yet an option. We’ve also created some of the thinnest packaging out there and are beginning to use new, innovative bio-based materials, with plans to eventually produce fully bio-based solutions in the future. 

As part of our sustainable product portfolio, we currently have a variety of solutions that are 90 to 95% polyethylene or polypropylene-based, which can be recycled in their respective streams. Some of these even offer CO2 footprint reductions of 30-35%. Many of these solutions are already recyclable in several EU countries. 

What’s more, all the paper in our renewable packaging solutions are FSC® certified, sourced from responsibly managed forests. Plus, thanks to award-winning technology ProDirect®, a selection of the paper composite solutions we produce are available as completely carbon neutral packaging. Our unique ProDirect® digital inkjet printing line uses water-based inks, taking us one step further away from using solvents that need to be burned, and runs almost without waste even for smaller lot sizes.    

In the coming years, by sharing technological resources with like-minded companies, we will develop and deploy a portfolio of new recyclable packaging solutions made from cellulose-based materials, also sourced from sustainably managed forests.   

Our R&D departments continue to explore how plastic packaging can be recycled even if it is multilayer or a multi-material, how our packaging can be made more sustainable, and how it can be recyclable depending on a country’s waste management infrastructure. Follow us as we continue on this journey.   

Check out our sustainable solutions here and look out for our product pages with more details coming soon! 

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