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Wipak Walsrode – 20 years anniversary


Wipak Walsrode became part of the Wihuri Group corporate family on June 1, 2001. Joining this memorable moment in Bomlitz were Antti Aarnio-Wihuri and Wipak Group MD – Harri Pursiainen. 
We have fond memories of Finnish music and food to celebrate the merging of the two (work) cultures on the day. Celebrations aside, soon after, exchanges between the Finnish and German sites began and many of the relationships forged back then continue to enrich our unique work culture to this day. 
The business grew during the following years not least as a result of the constant knowledge exchange between experts in both countries. Dedicated investments to the Wipak Walsrode site included new printing and slitting capacity and a new warehouse. Wipak Walsrode also became home to Wipak’s flagship investment in Digital Printing Technology with our ProDirect digital printer. With the conclusion of that investment Wipak Walsrode further strengthened its position as an innovation leader in high-quality film solutions.
Wipak Walsrode leads our charge to become the world’s first carbon-neutral flexible packaging company with a growing number of market-leading sustainable solutions.


Congratulations to our Walsrode family!

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